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There are four well equipped, well ventilated & spacious laboratories with all the modern gadgets and amenities for physics, chemistry, biology, music  and computer where the students make there science projects and learn by doing experiments.

Computer Lab 
The school has well equipped computer laboratories. The school boasts of sophisticated multimedia computer labs one each for primary and senior sections, to expose the children to the rudiments of computer environment at a young age, when they are at a learning stage and the capacity to grasp is high. This exposure to computer at a tender age would prepare them for the future computerized age.

Both the Computer labs are equipped with internet and intranet facilities. All the children get an opportunity to have hands on experience. Computer Education also is used in making learning of other subjects easier. In order to equip the students to face the challenges of the modern technological era, computers are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Keeping this in view and to equip the child with modern technology,a new discipline of the Informatics Practices/computer Science has been introduced in the school curriculum. It is being taught as an additional elective subject. It will be one of the subject-papers in the C.B.S.E. Exams and separate fee is therefore charged for the same. Now, the time has come when every person seeking employment either in private or Govt. sectors inevitably finds himself/herself confronted with the need to be computer literate to meet the challenges of the time.