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Vibrant Tiny Tots (Kindergarten)

The environment of kindergarten compound stimulate the children so that they can be able to explore and express themselves freely. The colourful & thematic environment makes them able to imbibe some moral values automatically.
For a successful and fruitful journey & to welcome new entrants and their parents , the school organize an ‘UPNAYAN SANSKAR’ to represent a sense of pious rituals among the children and create aesthetic environment.
Different activities such as Tearing ,Pasting , Drawing , Painting , Greeting card making etc. to improve the creative skills of the child and make them confident.
Handwriting  ,Public speaking , Poem recitation & story-telling competitions cultivate healthy habits and create aesthetic environment. This kind of activities enhance a child’s imagination and thinking skills so that the child can be able to express his/her healthy views.
Numerous physical activities like Tricycle race, frog race , Yoga ,Aerobics and different outdoor games make them fit and fine and came by the sense of co-operation , team - spirit and tolerance.
Participation of children in Mantra Uchcharan & Dance competition improve the graph of confidence & help the child to improve posture & gesture.
At length, all such activities and vivacious competitions cultivate ample and enigmatic changes and nurture the child’s personality & flourish them with different traits.